First Christian Church History

First Christian Church History

1809 Declaration and Address by Thomas Campbell announced a call to unity on the part of all Christians.

1832 Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and their followers cemented a union of the two movements for unity.

On June 22, 1833, the Flat Rock Christian Church in Liberty, Township was organized. The New Castle Disciples began informal meetings in homes and in the courthouse. Pioneer preachers came on horseback to preach. The first to make the good confession was Dorothy Roof and her husband on Nov. 5, 1839.

For a time, Disciples met with the Hillsboro congregation, walking or going on horseback. And then on March 1, 1863, The Christian Church in New Castle was organized, meeting in the Lutheran Church NW corner of 12th and Broad. 60 converts brought the membership to 100. New Castle's population at that time was 6000.

Next, the congregation worshipped in Murphey Hall on the 3rd, floor.

In 1863 a lot was purchased where the Princess Theater stood. The basement was finished and Sunday School moved in on June 19, 1864. This building cost $15,000.00 and was dedicated on August 13, 1864, by Eider Hobbs of Cincinnati. The church was then known as the Main Street Christian Church.

A memorial service was held for Abraham Lincoln in April 1865. Seats had to be made of boards as the church was unfinished.

From 1865 to 1916, Main Street Christian Church (as it was called) grew.

In 1915, plans for a new church were made, and the dedication was Sept. 24, 1916. 

Early in 1949, the planning committee met in the choir room to ponder what must be done to meet the educational needs of our church school. After several years of discussion and prayer on Oct. 17, 1955, 10 acres were purchased on Bundy Avenue.      

The general contract was let to Ralph Hunnicutt and Sons, and on Nov. 20, 1955, the ground was broken for the new church. 500 people attended on a cold, snowy day.

On March 1, 1959, the current building on Bundy Avenue was filled to capacity and dedicated to God.

Since then, many people have given to the church and its ministries to share the good news of Jesus Christ and build on the foundation that our ancestors provided.